Title Cahaya Buana Group : Furniture Manufacturing and Trading
Author Setiadi Djohar
Publisher Jakarta : PPM School Of Management, 2007
Subject Entrepreneur
Code Collection 008/C/RC-CCH/STM 20
Language IND
Physical description 19 p.
Copies 0
Abstract CBG succeeded in getting out of crisis due to Atong’s creativity, perseverance, and entrepreneurship, which sees crisis not as a threat but as an opportunity to improve business performance. This crisis provides opportunity for Atong to do internal consolidation by shortening distribution chain, maintaining good labors, eliminating overwork by arranging shifts more effectively. Impacts of this decision are: (1) reducing costs by consolidating efforts to make the company slimmer, (2) availability of additional fund from the sale of the vehicles typically used for distribution, (3) lower price, since stores can buy directly on ground. (4) reducing cost of labor, since existing labors are now sufficient (not overly), and (5) the launch of the new product (house) is done more innovatively.  

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