Title PT Garuda Indonesia : To Becoming a Distinguished Airline
Author Ningky Sasanti Munir
Prasetyo, Aries Heru
Kurnia, Pepey Riawati (Other author)
Publisher Jakarta : PPM School Of Management, 2010
Subject Strategic management
Code Collection 022/C/RC-CCH/STM 201
Physical description 63 p.
Copies 0
Abstract PT Garuda Indonesia is a State-owned Enterprise celebrating its 61 birthday in 2010 (when this case was written and published). Garuda is successful in obtaining a four-star rating in the field of independent service quality in an assessment given by Skytrax, an independent assessor of airlines and airports worldwide. Through the strategy of “quantum leap”, it is expected that Garuda would achieve a five-star rating in 2014, making it equal (in service quality) to other world-class airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways. In addition, Garuda has a commitment to improve income, net profit, ASK (seats available per some miles), number of aircrafts, number of passengers, cargo, and punctuality in 2014. This case consists of five parts. The opening provides brief information on the Garuda airline company. The second part describes the brief history of the establishment of Garuda Indonesia. The third part is the description of the flight industry’s development in Indonesia. The fourth part is the description of various strategic issues in the world’s flight industry. The fifth part explains Garuda’s efforts to make this company a competitive one. The latest part describes challenges faced by Garuda in achieving its strategic aims.

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