Title SHS International : Kesenjangan Kualitas Strategi Pemasaran Dulu dan Sekarang
Author Kurnia, Pepey Riawati
Publisher Jakarta : PPM School Of Management, 2011
Subject Marketing management
Code Collection 025/B/RC-CCH/STM 201
Language IND
Physical description 10 p.
Copies 0
Abstract PT. SHS International started its business as a small distributor. Now it has become an importer, distributor of animal medicines with the largest market share for livestock segment of medium-large scale in Indonesia. Through his marketing strategy, Budiman Iskandar as the Head of Marketing Division is able to make SHS International achieve its sales target as expected by the top management of PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (CPI), a multinational company of Thailand – a market leader in agroindustry in Indonesia and Asia.   During 1990 untuk 2000, the marketing division consisted of marketing & product managers who are creative in setting up marketing strategies to be implemented by branch managers together with the team. The low-price selling tactic seems to harm the company.   During 2001 – 2009, the product managers having an important role in setting up the marketing strategy were reluctant to create a winning strategy with high creativity for better product quality. Frequently, they only run after the turnover by way of price reduction.  In fact, as the head of marketing division, Budiman Iskandar wanted its division to be of good quality in both vision and action, so that the company can performs better.

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