Title Tempo Inti Media : Business Independence VS Sustainability
Author Ningky Sasanti Munir
Kristanto, Rifani Budi (Other author)
Publisher Jakarta : PPM School Of Management, 2011
Subject Marketing strategy
Code Collection 027/B/RC-CCH/STM 201
Language IND
Physical description 37 p.
Copies 0
Abstract When preparing the special edition for Tempo Magazine‚Äôs 40th anniversary, Mr. Herry Hernawan and Mr. Toriq Hadad as the Director of General Affairs of PT. Tempo Inti Media (TIM) could not help expressing their happiness. The financial statement of 2009-2010 shows increases in sales and net profit. This is different from the situation faced by TIM 5 years ago, where the company suffered from losses. Meanwhile, Koran Tempo gained profits within the last 3 years.     Tempo have been banned twice, in 1982 and 1994. This made Herry Hernawan realize that such industry cannot just rely on a single product only. Therefore, TIM produces interactive tempo (www.tempointeraktif)  and Koran Tempo.   At the 4th anniversary of Tempo, Mr. Bambang Harymurti as the President Director of TIM emphasized that in the future, the management will be focused on growth. Referring to the statement of Goenawan Mohammad, a Tempo founder, the challange is whether TIM is able to maintain its growth within the spirit of building a community that appreciates intelligence and different opinions. To what extent can the growth be achieved in five years to come?

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