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The Evaluation of Digital Readiness Concept:rnExisting Models and Future Directions

The development of digital technology has significantly changed the business landscape. The emergence of new businessrnmodels provides a greater potential to become more profitable. Therefore, many companies tread the path towards transformationrnthrough the adoption and use of digital technologies to catch the opportunities. Unfortunately, many companies fail to understandrnthat the use of digital technologies requires different preparations. One of them is the requirement of an adequate level of digitalrnreadiness. The measurement of digital readiness is hindered due to the absence of a reliable, valid and specific model in measuringrnthis construct. As a result, in order to measure the digital readiness of their employees, many companies are applying the existingrntechnology readiness models which can be found in the current literature. This paper aims to provide a viewpoint of the adequacyrnof existing models for digital readiness measurement with a conception that digital readiness is not only a perception of a digital asrnan independent object but also as an integrated object.


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Penerbit Institut Teknologi Bandung : Bandung.,
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Hal. 94-117
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Vol. 11 No. 2 (2018) : 94-117
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