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Complete design thinking guide for successful professionals

Design thinking is a powerful thinking tool which could drive a brand, business or an individual forward positively. It is also a part and parcel way of thinking that designers go through in their minds in every single design project. Thinking like a designer can transform the way organizations develop products and services on the front end, while improving processes and strategy to the backend. It is a way of simply thinking and ideating on a solution to address a problem or better meet a customer need. It is a process focused on solutions and not the problem.
In this book you will:

• Understand key characteristics of design thinking
• Understand the 5 action phases of design thinking –
Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test

• Empathize- Understand your customers / users
• Define- Define clear project / business objectives
• Ideate- Explore ideas and solutions
• Prototype- Build and visualise ideas
• Test- Review and decide best idea

This book will help you:

• Clarify and solve problems better
• Understand your users
• Communicate in visuals confidently
• Innovate ideas and inspire others
• Experiment quickly and at little cost

This book is useful for:

• Non-design and design professionals who are involved in innovation, change management, trend-making, problem-solving and quality improvement industry
• Business and startup owners interested in providing good products and services for their customers
• Freelance designers and design students who want to make a difference in the marketplace
• Design trainers interested in delivering design thinking workshops
• Innovation, creativity and design enthusiasts
• Design thinkers


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